We are Novus Venture

We help passionate companies grow, capturing value across borders and building bridges between investors and new businesses, identifying opportunities and providing professional services to create new sources of value and successfully achieve their goals.

The strategic link we create with our Clients allows us to provide the necessary drive, passion and energy to each commitment. Whether it is a process of obtaining financing, funds for startups or high-potential companies in the initial or expansion stages of their operations.

For Clients who feel they have reached seemingly inescapable limits, or are facing complex growth barriers, we provide fresh and outside the box to overcome your competitive challenges.


"Never invest in something you don't understand."

(Warren Buffett)


We have a track record developed worldwide.

Our greatest asset is based on the solid relationships that we establish with our Clients and associated companies around the world, aiming to be strategic partners that add value to each project in which we are involved. We are willing to be contacted at all times to resolve your concerns and exchange ideas, always under strict confidentiality and the non-disclosure of information to third parties that could be sensitive, always prioritizing your privacy.



Business Valuation

In-depth financial analysis of the viability of companies and/or projects (current and future) including accounting, yields, sales' estimates, etc. Comprehensive assessment providing new ideas, implementing innovative concepts and know-how at different stages of investment. A process is established to determine the current value of a company and/or project using objective measures and evaluating all the aspects that may affect it.


Structuring and negotiation of capital injections, contributing with experience, professional knowledge, network of contacts, etc., such as angel investments (start-ups or companies without invoicing), risk capital (consolidated companies with negative flows but high potential for growth), development capital (established companies), management acquisition (MBO, MBI, BIMBO), recovery funds (companies in crisis), etc.


Our approach is to identify and capture distinctive value for our clients, connecting supply and demand in an efficient, profitable and sustainable way. We work with soft/agricultural/meat commodities (sugar, coffee, cotton, cocoa, oats, corn, wheat, soybeans, fruits, pigs/cattle, etc.), energy (CBFS, bunker, fuel oil, crude oil, distillates, natural gas, etc.) and metals (gold, silver, platinum, lithium, copper, etc.).

Standard ICC Procedure (download PDF link here).

Consulting & Engineering Services

Pre-feasibility studies, technical/economic/financial analysis and consultant services, specialized in infrastructure and energy generation, preparation of Business Plans, operations management and project optimization, with extensive experience in start-up and development of new industrial projects, especially in the area of energy generation (conventional and/or renewable).

International Representatives

We are partners of leading companies in various fields at an international level, including from financial entities to companies specialized in specialized technical services, who trust us as Strategic Partners in their businesses and operations.


Assessment and elaboration of the complete project documentation to successfully fulfil the information requested by the main capital providers, such as (but not limited to) Pitch Deck, Preliminary Presentation, Feasibility Study, Financial Project, Business Plan, Development, etc.


Financial Glossary (PDF download link here; in English only)


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